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Projects requiring sponsorship

Multimedia – Phase Two

With the launching of the new website, the Museum has a powerful tool with which to reach the public and proactively promote the museum as more than just an extension [...]

Numismatic Hall

The Cathedral Museum houses one of the largest coin collections in Malta, a collection which ranges from the Punic Period up until the British occupation. The hall is in urgent [...]

Medieval artifacts

The Mdina Cathedral Museum treasures the largest amount of Medieval artifacts in Malta. Some unique items in urgent need for restoration are: 1) The oldest Coat of Arms of Malta, […]

Durer Room

One of the most significant and needed renovations that the Mdina Cathedral Museum plans to undertake is that of improving the rooms that host the Dürer collection. Albrecht Dürer was […]

Whilst exploring the Metropolitan Chapter website we are sure that you have appreciated the priceless cultural heritage and works of art contained in these three buildings. The Mdina Cathedral, the Cathedral Museum and the archives are part of our national heritage and identity.

The artefacts we have presented to you are not simply works of art or old documents but they hold stories which, when interpreted and understood, shed light on our past and rich history as a nation. We are a nation with a rich culture spanning over thousands of years. Indeed one of the oldest in the Mediterranean basin.

We have been entrusted with preserving and making our heritage accessible not only to current generations but also for those who will come after us. As an organisation, the Metropolitan Chapter has limited funds to carry out the extensive restoration and preservation projects within the Cathedral, Museum and Archives. We are thus looking for sponsors and philanthropists to finance major restoration projects.

During Budget 2016, Government announced a new measure to encourage further partnerships between Malta’s business community and the cultural sector.

Through this measure, companies giving donations to non-profit cultural organisations, public cultural organisations or to Arts Council Malta as an intermediary on behalf of a beneficiary, may claim the amount donated at 150% against the income for the year of assessment when the donation was made. The maximum tax deduction is capped at €50,000. This incentive is effective as of 1st January 2016.

The Subsidiary Legislation 123.102 states the following:

  1. (1) Where, in any year of assessment, a company proves to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that it has made a cash donation to the Arts Council Malta or a cash donation to a nonprofit making cultural organisation approved by the Arts Council Malta, such donation may be claimed as a deduction against income for the year of assessment in which it is made, provided that a certificate is issued in this respect by the Arts Council Malta and that, in the case of a donation to a cultural organisation as aforesaid, such cultural organisation is not in any way related to the donor company.

For further information you are kindly requested to visit:

Subsidiary Legislation 123.102

Those interested kindly find a link to the:

Incentive guidelines Incentive guidelines

A sample of the Application Form Application Form

A sample of the Donation Agreement Sample Donation Agreement

The Cathedral, the Cathedral Museum and the Archive are planning to launch in the near future: The Friends of the Cathedral/Museum/Archives.

This initiative is intended to build a group of interested people with a passion for heritage and culture to continue nurturing the investments implemented.