The Cathedral Museum houses one of the largest coin collections in Malta, a collection which ranges from the Punic Period up until the British occupation. The hall is in urgent need of refurbishment and a new layout for the exhibits.

The project includes:

1. Infrastructure

Infrastructural works involving the restoration of the walls inside the hall to avoid further deterioration of stonework, followed by appropriate furnishing.

2. Didactics

Information captions are required for the collection. An interactive information booth is required to help visitors understand the value of the currencies used in Malta throughout history and the stories of certain coins of value present in the collection.

3. Lighting

This priceless coin collection would benefit from a new network of lighting that literally places the coins in the spotlight above all else. This would be achieved with a cleverly situated system of art illumination and LED bulbs.

4. Vetrines

The setting up of new vetrines that allow for appropriate exposition of the coin collection, whilst keeping it secure from theft.

5. Security

The setting up of an efficient security network including cameras as well as an alarm system, to form a multi-layered system of protection for the priceless collection on display.

Numismatic Hall