With the launching of the new website, the Museum has a powerful tool with which to reach the public and proactively promote the museum as more than just an extension of the Cathedral complex.

Other projects are in need for completion in order to make a typical visit to the museum interactive and educational, as well as maintain the museum at a technologically high standard:

1. Touchscreens

The placement of touch screens throughout the museum is indispensable for the transfer of knowledge to the visiting public. Such a transfer of knowledge would allow for a better understanding of individual artifacts, thus making sure that the visitors leave the museum premises are more satisfied and informed than they would have been otherwise.

2. Turnstiles

The setting up of new, modern Turnstiles will ensure a quick, easy and secure way of letting paying visitors as well as guests within the museum, in order to enjoy what it has on offer.

3. Audio guides

By implementing a system of Audio guides, the public will be even more able to absorb useful information. In particular, audio guides would feed visitors extra information such as the history of the complex, and help them guide them through the museum to locate specific halls and places of interest. An audio guide would also automatically give a brief but much needed introduction of the museum and its contents to a visitor.