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A more enjoyable Museum experience for visitors with Autism

We are here to help

Tickets for visiting the Museum are bought from the Museum itself which is on the right side of the Cathedral and only a few meters away. The ticket, which is a combo ticket, entitles the public to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral as well as the Cathedral Museum.

We do not  want anyone to miss out on the excitement of visiting our the Mdina Cathedral Museum

This is where the museum team would like to step in to lend you an extra helping hand in making your museum visit as enjoyable as possible. Our staff have been trained to understand your needs and offer all the help you require.

Our museum includes the following services free of charge;

  • Use of a “Safe Room” which is a specially designated room, where anyone experiencing high levels of anxiety or a meltdown can find a quiet place where to calm down. This equipped room is aimed to provide a quiet area within the museum.
  • Noise cancelling headphones are available from reception simply ask our reception staff if you would like to make use of them.
  • A sensory map is available from reception.



Let us know you have arrived

Once you arrive at the Museum, you can let the reception staff you have arrived and if you require any specific assistance. Should you find a queue for the ticketing you can advise our security at the door and we will make sure you do not have to wait long to get your tickets. Alternatively you may acquire to obtain your tickets online.

Download the Museum Visual Guide

If you are planning to visit our museum, we recommend you download our visual guide, which will take you on a step-by-step visual journey through the terminal. The photos, simple directions, and explanations of the main areas of the museum included in this guide are aimed at preparing visitors for the museum experience  ahead of their actual trip, helping them feel more at ease on the day of the visit.

Special Opening days/hours.

In a bid to ensure an extra quiet and less busy museum environment, the museum is committed to open extended hours on special days which will be exclusively reserved for people with Autisim and their accompanying corers / families.

Book a practice run.

Should you wish to familiarize yourself with the museum prior to the actual visit, careers of Autistic visitors may book a pre visit at the museum to remove any fear or doubts about the Museum visit route. You may do so by contacting us on reception.museum@metropolitanchapter.com

Visiting Tips

We hope to welcome you at our museum soon. In the meantime, here are some tips we have put together to help you make the most of your upcoming museum experience if you are visiting with an individual with autism.

  • Contact the museum should you have any enquiry about your planned visit and museum facilities.
  • Explain the museum visit with the individual, facilitating his or her understanding with visuals.
  • Research the content of the museum via our website and guide to identify areas that might be of more interest to the individual.
  • Identify a spot within the museum which can offer distractions and be in a quieter area of the museum.
  • For young children bring the child’s favourite toy and items which can be used as comforting distractions during the visit should these be needed.
  • If the individual is sensitive to loud sounds, we have noise-cancelling headphones to reduce background noise at the museum to a manageable level.