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Private Reservations

From time to time the museum holds exhibitions, launches, conferences, public stalk, conferences and concerts.

The museum could be a unique venue for private functions such as concerts, annual general meetings, Workshops, and others.

The Management would be more than happy to assist in the planning of a unique experience in this 17th century Baroque Palace.

Private Operators and the public in general are invited to make use of the following contact or by filling in the form provided:


Or phone on 21454136 / 21456620 / 79703625

    Sala Grande

    Of particular importance is the recently restored Sala Grande, a baroque hall furnished with paintings of Mattia Preti and Francesco Zahra, and hosting the old choir sculptured gallery with four panels.

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    The Refectory

    The refectory that served the Seminary is a place where exhibitions and talks were held. This is located close to the main courtyard.

    The Basement

    In the subterrean level lies the basement that goes around all the building. The natural limestone is exposed throughout the whole basement and this, together with the silence that place offers, often attracts the visitor. This is a sought-for exhibition venue especially during the Mdina Biennale Arts festival.

    Sala Marchese

    The Sala Marchese has wooden paintings dating back to the 15th century. The Polyptic depicts some salient periods from the life of St Paul. There is also Malta mentioned in this unique wooden masterpiece.

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    The Main Courtyard

    The features of the main courtyard complement the beauty of this magnificent building. It offers an airy location and is surrounded by the large windows of the two-storey building.