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John Cauchi Gallery

The John Cauchi Gallery takes the name of the donor – John A Cauchi – who decided to donate this whole collection to the cathedral museum in 1994. The collection includes paintings, furniture as well as a number of Old Master drawings. This collection is a very eclectic one, showing high quality Italian, English, French and German paintings.

Dr. John A Cauchi was a connoisseur and art lover who was able to individualize and discover paintings from auctions and market sales in England especially post war. During the time there was the fear of taxation on properties and the arts, as well as a population move from the midlands to London to find work, resulting in works of art becoming available for purchase in different auctions and markets. He was able to choose and purchase some of the finest pieces, and bring them over to Malta to form part of his collection as well as outstanding  master drawings as well as foreign furniture.