Restoration of the DomeThe painted decorative scheme which decorated the dome of the Chapel within the Metropolitan Cathedral Museum in Mdina during the eighteenth century, had been hidden from sight for several decades. This is due to two thick layers of overpaint which had been applied to the dome’s paintings in past years. Nonetheless these eighteenth century painted decorations are currently being uncovered.

The uncovering and conservation-restoration of the dome’s decorative scheme found underlying two layers of paint has been entrusted to Ms. Amy Sciberras and is being sponsored by Fenech and Fenech Advocates. Leading Conservator-Restorer Amy Sciberras is collaborating with Heritage Malta, represented by Principal Conservator Mr. Anthony Spagnol.

Amy Sciberras spent several weeks of testing in order to formulate and develop a methodology for the uncovering of these paintings, which methodology is in fact specific to this particular site and situation. This involves the removal of an uppermost white coating and subsequently the removal of a blue coating which is in direct contact with the original painted decorations. The cleaning agent formulated and tailored for this site is being applied in gel form, thus allowing the cleaning agent to act only on the blue coating without affecting the original scheme.

It is possible that such decorations where coated due to the precarious state in which they are found, as is evident from uncovered areas. Nonetheless following the complete uncovering of these paintings, all different types of deterioration presented by these paintings will be addressed by Amy Sciberras thus allowing these paintings to be once again appreciated and enjoyed by the general public.

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