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Internship experiences at the Cathedral Archives

In the past years, the Cathedral Archive has hosted a number of young interns who sought job experience in an office setting. The Cathedral Archives offers its interns the possibility to acquire skills in office management, dealing with researcher requests, cataloguing and sorting original archival material and setting up temporary exhibitions of our treasures. One will also be working in our 17th century premises with its quaint garden in the heart of Mdina. We consider applicants applying for not less than a two month placement. We welcome students applying through internship coordination companies or independent candidates. Contact us.



“Between May 2021 and August 2021 I had the chance to accomplish a professional internship at the Cathedral Archives as part of an Erasmus + training in partnership with Easy Job Bridge. It was a very positive experience because I discovered a new work environment that I did not know and I immediately loved it. Archives are at the heart of the field of historical research because they contain the primary sources, and working in such a service offers a unique chance to be at the center of this process. I was able to witness how researchers manage to use and value this heritage, and to assist them in this work. I discovered the history of a new country, which turned out to be extremely rich, interesting, linked to Mediterranea and Europe, and which deserves to be much known. My experience here was very formative, I was able to develop a large number of skills that will be useful in my professional future and I also learned to work in collaboration with several entities. My professional internship at the Archives was my first experience abroad but also my first professional experience in the sector of my studies, and I could not have hoped for a better environment for a first time. Therefore, I can only be delighted that this adventure continues.”
Andrea Paolini



“Working an internship at the archives in Mdina has provided an opportunity to understand and to analyse certain musical works that have been a part of Malta’s rich history of sacred music. It was truly an unforgettable experience that has improved my knowledge and awareness on music that has been played in the cathedral before; reviving our past and giving it a future.”
Abigail Zarb



“I’ve come to Malta from February to April 2022 for an internship with the archives (kindly arranged by EZ Job Bridge). It was my first time working abroad and in another language but I found my colleagues to be most welcoming and supportive. My work responsibilities here covered a broad range from rather mundane tasks like changing the covers and spines of books for new materials that are better at preserving the ancient papers or copying handwritten catalogues into pc databases to more demanding ones like updating and rearranging the website of the archives as well as transcribing and translating German letters into English. Altogether I had a great time here in a friendly work environment that rekindled my interest to work with computers and greatly boosted my self-confidence. And, on a side note, the morning view of Mdina just after dawn is definitely not the worst way to start your day.”
Thomas Kurze