CEM – Curia Episcopalis Melitensis | Mdina Cathedral Museum Archives

CEM – Curia Episcopalis Melitensis

The Episcopal and the Pro-Vicar’s archives at Mdina

The Bishop of Malta had his Curia and Tribunal in Valletta, but for practical purposes he appointed two Provicars, one for Gozo and one for the areas around Mdina to act in his name in those areas. The Provicars kept full records and presided over their ecclesiastical tribunals. The Provicar of Mdina kept his archives in the episcopal palace of Mdina. The office of Provicar for Mdina was retained practically up to the Second World War, even though his responsibilities and powers had been considerably reduced. These archives were transferred to the vacant palace of the Old Seminary by Archbishop Michael Gonzi circa the year 1944. The volumes, unlike those of the Inquisition Tribunal, were in a rather good state of conservation. They were made available for research in 1968.

About six years later, with the progress of the microfilm project (HMML), Archbishop Gonzi encouraged us to upgrade these archives with many thousands of loose documents conserved in the basement of the Valletta Curia. These were catalogued chronologically and filed in folders forming over one thousand volumes. These papers never formed part of the Provicar’s Archives but since they were added to the same group, the whole collection started to be referred to as ‘The Episcopal and Provicarial Archives of Mdina, Malta’.

No. 1Acta originalia (1037 vols.) 1400-1799
    AO 001 - 0450
    AO 451 - 1037
No. 2Bastardella sive protocollo actorum curiae (17 vols.)
CEM Bastardella
No. 3Conti originali (213 vols.) 1577-1830
CEM Conti
No. 4Citationes (22 vols.) 1682-1777
CEM Cit.
No. 5Inventaria (3 vols.) 1769-1859
CEM Inv.
No. 6Mandati della curia provicariale (66 vols.) 1780-1828
CEM Mandati
No. 7Concursus (36 vols.) 1656-1904
CEM Con.
No. 8Registrum actorum civilium (32 vols.) 1500-1855
    Reg Actorum Civilum
CEM Reg. Act. Civ.
No. 9Registrum actorum criminalium (3 vols.) 1548-1787
CEM Reg. Act. Crim.
No. 10Registrum litterarum monitorialium (12 vols.) 1545-1683
CEM Reg. Litt. Monit.
No. 11Registrum ordinandorum (18 vols.) 1574-1889
    Reg Ordinatorum
CEM Reg. Ord.
No. 12Registrum cedularum depositorum (80 vols.) 1599-1700
CEM Reg. Ced. Dep.
No. 13Registrum supplicationum (2 vols.) 1604-1721
    Reg Supplicationum
CEM Reg. Supp.
No. 14Registrum insinuationis donationum (1 vol.) 1660-1732
    Reg. Insinuationis
CEM Reg. Ins. Don.
No. 15Registrum sententiarum (8 vols.) 1755-1829
CEM Reg. Sent.
No. 16Registrum decisionum curiae episcopalis civitatis notabilis (2 vols.) 1799-1802
    Reg Decisionum
CEM Reg. Decis.
No. 17Registrum sententiarum ac possessionum prebendarum et canonicatuum (1 vol.) 1799-1800
CEM Reg. Sent. ac
No. 18Registrum citationum (1 vol.) 1821-1823
    Reg Citationum
CEM Reg. Cit.
No. 19Libro de carcerati per la corte vescovile della citta' notabile (1 vol.) 1800
    Libro Carcerati
CEM Lib. Carcerati
No. 20Repertories, giuliana de processi (5 vols.) 1646-1830
    Rep Giuliana
CEM Rep. Giuliana
No. 21Repertorium supplicationum (1 vol.) 1668-1781
CEM Rep. Supp.
No. 22Repertorium actorium curiae (5 vols.) 1768-1828
CEM Rep. Act. Curiae
No. 23Indice de' conti originali (1 vol.) 1577-1784
CEM Indice Conti
No. 24Repertorium cedularum depositorum (7 vols.) 1652-1829
CEM Rep. Ced.
No. 25Repertorium subastationum (1 vol.) 1769-1772
CEM Rep. Sub.
No. 26Repertorium mandatorum (2 vols.) 1783-1793
CEM Rep. Mand.
No. 27Status animarum (28 vols.) 1695-1806
    Status Animarum
CEM St. Anim.