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The Cathedral Archives of Malta provides access to the permanently valuable textual records (registers, parchments, plans and music) housed in the Cathedral Archives building in Mdina. Original records are available to researchers in the research room and information about the records is also provided to users.

Printed catalogues, guides and filing repertories

Unfortunately searching in our catalogue is currently only possible on site. However we are in the process of constructing an online content catalogue to cater both for the paper-based archives and for the ever-increasing digital material available. Below one can find a list of the different archives and their respective series which are supplemented by a descriptive overview:


The presence of these volumes under the care of the Cathedral Archives calls for an explanation. The Order of St John was formed of knights and chaplains…

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The Roman Inquisition was established in Malta in 1561 and abolished in 1798 during French rule. Its very rich and informative archives – unlike those of similar…

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These archives comprise three groups or divisions: the official records, the historical records and the musical archives. Each division has its own sections…

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The Bishop of Malta had his Curia and Tribunal in Valletta, but for practical purposes he appointed two Provicars one for Gozo and one for the areas around Mdina…

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To order images, you can:

  1. Either order images via email request by printing and scanning your order form which is found on the website. Small amount of images will be sent via email but substantial amounts will be sent by postal service. Payment of email ordering requires an IBAN transaction.
  2. Or, when you are in the reading room, ask the staff about the procedures for ordering copies. You should be given a form which is also available on the website.


To cite records when ordering reproductions, you will need to identify:

  • The archive
  • The series
  • The box number, register, and/or designator where relevant
  • The exact folio number


Sometimes there are restrictions that prevent records from being copied. The most common ones reflect preservation priorities and copyright.

The Cathedral Archives provides information and assistance to researchers but is not available to do extensive research for users.

Further information on the respective terms and conditions, applicable fees and researchers’ responsibilities are found in the relevant forms that may be accessed under the Services tab.