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A Community Exhibition Project

The eclectic Cathedral Museum conserves much of our history. Some of these artefacts even date as far back as the Roman and Phoenician periods! Throughout history people like us, deliberately or unknowingly have left a mark that echoed through time – why not us also?

The name of the exhibition “Home Bound” is a reflection on the present situation we find ourselves in. The isolation and boredom most of us are experiencing should not deter us from being creative; on the contrary, this is the right time to explore new ways of expressing ourselves. Thus “Home Bound” aims to display the sense of community in our isolation and how we overcame such unusual times.

Send us your work and we will  give you a shout-out on our social media platforms. Participants will then be encouraged to submit their physical work for our post-viral exhibition, and at their discretion, these may even be archived as artefacts by the Cathedral Museum for generations to come.


The theme of the exhibition is open to interpretation, but we encourage you to reflect on the themes of:

  • Positive thinking;
  • Our cultural identity;
  • The unity of mankind, and;
  • Your own wishes for a better future.

Everyone is able to submit their work in this community exhibition, regardless of skills, abilities and ages! You can participate both as individuals or collectively as a group.

  • Getting Started!
  • Produce an Artwork

    Art works can be in any medium, including but not limited to paintings, sketches, drawings, prints, textiles or photography. (Digital media is not advisable)
  • Take a picture

    This could be a closeup of your work or even a selfie.
  • Submit it

    Sent it to our Facebook page or via email on reception.museum@metropolitanchapter.com
  • Share your thoughts

    Let us know why you choose to submit that particular artwork and share any further thoughts or reflections.
  • We will . . .

    . . . upload your work on our social media and share any further thoughts you shared with us.
  • After all this

    After the COVID-19 situation stabilises you can loan or donate your work to be exhibited at the Mdina Cathedral Museum in the “Home Bound” community exhibition project. Further instructions would be disseminated via e-mail.

If you have any further queries feel free to contact us via email on reception.museum@metropolitanchapter.com