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Private Reservations

The Metropolitan Cathedral of St Paul in Mdina is a popular venue for private concerts and activities. Packages for the visitors could include a private concert at the Cathedral followed by an exquisite evening and memorable lunches or dinners in one of the superb restaurants the Silent City of Mdina could offer. Private operators could avail of their own musicians and singers . The music should be religious music and the Management reserves the right to restrict any music which does not fulfil this request.

Private Operators and the public in general are invited to make use of the following contact or by filling in the form provided:


Or phone on 21454136 / 21456620 / 79703625


    The baroque Cathedral built in the late 17th Century is a gem in its own respects. Entering the building, visitors can appreciate the entire space, the architecture and the apse which crowns this magnificent ecclesiastical edifice. The building of the apse is mainly decorated by oil on stone and large canvases painted by the Calabrese painter Mattia Preti and by his bottega. The quiet and serene environment of the Cathedral renders it a much sought for ecclesiastical venue for the bride and the groom to have their dream wedding.

    Aula Capitulare

    Within the thick walls of the Cathedral, lies a particular hall hardly known by the public. This is the Aula Capitulare, the Cathedral Chapter’s Hall. It is a magnificent hall intricately decorated by the triumphant paintings of the famous Francesco Zahra. Beautiful artistic work adorns this hall and renders it an ideal place for holding conferences or concerts.


    Concerts are held from time to time at the Cathedral. The various Programmes played by highly qualified musicians often attract a large number of people and also tourists. It is a great occasion to come to the Silent City for a concert which makes it a memorable activity for all. The acoustics are perfect and due to this, both local and foreign orchestras look forward to hold performances in this prestigious Cathedral.

    Private Concerts

    Various tourist agencies hold special evenings for their customers at the Cathedral which can thus be booked for private visits and private concerts. Such activities are booked through the Cathedral management.