Sala Nobile Mdina MuseumThe Mdina Cathedral Museum is home to a series of impressive artefacts and artworks including prints by the German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer, a work by Caravaggist painter Mario Minniti, as well as paintings by the Italian artists Mattia Preti and Agostino Carracci. Without doubt, it is one of Malta’s most formidable collections of art and historical artefacts. The museum curator Fr Edgar Vella has been working on improving the display of these priceless objects through the restoration and renovation of the building in which they are housed for the museum to reach the standards that its contents merit.

The Museum Committee has ongoing plans for the preservation, renovation and restoration projects. Quite distinctive projects have in fact been completed such as the Sala Marchese and the Sala Grande or the Baroque Hall. Work is currently undergoing in the Sala Nobile. This hall shall embrace the collection of vestments and a new collections of works, yet to be unveiled. Together with this there is the restoration of the chapel. The Sala Nobile is in the process of restoring the frieze. The capable artists have discovered the actual design of the beams. Now the Sala Nobile has 14 beams with a design on the three faces. This hall shall also have a one-metre high marbled dido and a decorated door embellished in the same manner as the existing ones. One leads to the vestments room and the other one leading to the Magnificent Chapel. It is envisaged that the Sala Nobile would be launched by the end of this year to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Museum.