The Mdina Cathedral Archives

The invaluable Cathedral Archives of Mdina, which forms part of the ecclesiastical archives on the island of Malta, comprise archival material dating from the eleventh to the twentieth century. This institution officially opened its doors in 1969, setting its sights to provide a service to members of the clergy, academics, students and other researchers, helping them to reveal hidden aspects of the Maltese ecclesiastical, social and cultural heritage. The reward derived from this initiative was great given that many first text publications and other academic literature are amongst the most authoritative works published on the isles. As a result of this accomplishment the profile of the archives continued to grow exponentially and in a couple of years this cultural institution became widely recognised not only in the Europe but also in countries like the U.S.A.

The Mdina Cathedral Archives have different published resources to help users find the records they need, however we do not have an official online catalogue. Therefore, the Mdina Cathedral Museum Commission suggest those interested to visit the web site of the HMML Hill Museum & Monastic Library of Minessota as it offers a complete catalogue of the microfilm project, an initiative taken by Saint John’s University to capture and preserve thousands of manuscripts in microfilm format. The catalogue of HMML contains almost all the contents of the archival holdings which is kept under the custody of the Malta Metropolitan Cathedral

This catalogue also provides the user a description and the purpose of the four distinct archives that are ACM Archives of the Cathedral of Malta including the music collection; ACEM Archives of the Episcopal Curia of Malta; AIM Archives of the Inquisition of Malta; AVA, ; LC Lettere Consolari; and the Volumes of the Spogli of the Knights of the Order of St. John.. Some series are hyper-texted and hence this gives the user a searchable index of the volumes of that particular series. Users should however make their entry from the widest possible search by keying on the Malta Study Centre and view the catalogue of the Cathedral Archives Microfilm Project.

• Consultation of archival material is free of charge to all users
• Participating in cultural programs, either independently or in conjunction with other cultural services. i.e. Functions, activities and events of the Cathedral Chapter; Music concerts with the National, local or foreign Orchestras
• The Museum has a restoration laboratory that is responsible for the conservation of manuscripts, prints, etchings, engravings and all other archival material. One could contact the restorer by asking at the reception of the Mdina Cathedral Museum.
• We offer a digital image service of manuscripts for study purposes on request by the user which is subject to a charge prevalent at the time.
• Photocopy service depending on the condition of the manuscripts.
Copies of pre 19th century manuscripts are only provided in digital format.
• A small reference library, to include a number of theses, books and various papers
• A limited archives visits per year: Category of Students: Form II onwards
• Tariffs and Royalty Fees for those who are interested to perform music concerts or to publish manuscript copies will be set after agreeing with our terms and conditions